While we enjoy the spring and summers, the winter 2017-2018 fashion trends make the most impression. Checking out the best of designer collections is a hobby too!

In order to best create a great 2017 closet look, you need to check out the most popular fashionable attire on stage. Checking out different combinations of trends can define a style for you!

Enjoy the incredible winter with some latest fashion trends that have graced the catwalk, and then reinvent wardrobes for the upcoming season.  Midi Skirts, Sidecuts, glittering clothing, swishing fabrics are all making a comeback while some new styles are now in vogue.

Here are 15 winter fashion trends that for 2017-2018 that will help you redefine your clothing style

1. The Banker Pantsuit

Banker Pantsuit

Pantsuits are in and now available in incredibly good patterns, tailored to fit girls with as much class as a man’s suit can define. Calvin Klein is bringing the best in pantsuits, along with oversized designs and matching plaid designs. Fur is also added to the mix, and paired with a vest and tie while some do boast of asymmetrical hems.

2. The Skirt Suits

Skirt Suits

The skirt suit is quite common and a hugely popular trend of winters especially for ladies in power. Cinched waists come in loose versions, but soft leather ones actually make the best impression.

3. The Texan Tuxedo

Texan Tuxedo

Denim and double denim in crisp salvage with fur linings and embroidered accessories will add to the trends list. The tuxedo with loads of attitude made waves at the recent Calvin Klein runway. Laced up designs certainly attract attention. Denim goes double for the winters and does look great too.

4. The Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt

While some designers are working on mini skirts, the midi skirt made the biggest impact among the top winter 2017-2018 fashion trends, those just crouching under the knees or near the mid-calf area. Gorgeous floral dresses, asymmetrical hems, and neutral tones rocked the midi skirt for the fall season.

5. The Side Cuts

Side Cuts

Every designer has tried to utilize this cut and does make the cut for an intriguing trend as some are playing with layers, ensuring some sort of opening towards the waist. Undone lacing on denim also replicated this trend.

6. Glittering Icons

Glittering Icons

Brooches and stick-on are now in trend with glittering styles affixed to shirts, dresses and more. One can see runways flooded with dresses and jackets sported by Gucci and Emporio Armani, while stone effects are quite popular with other brands.

7. High Dazzle

High Dazzle

Sequins and glitter are used to dazzle onlookers with crystal mesh and several dramatic creations. Nowadays, fashion trends dictated by blinding boots and shiny attire have ruled the roost. Get into something alluring for the night with a pantsuit paired with something as dazzling as anything!

8. Velvet and More Velvet


Velvet is still a key trend to the winter wardrobe, featuring soft, warm and close attire especially for creating new clothes. The clothes including jackets, tops, and dresses in velvet are particularly popular in New York and Milan.

9. Swishing Fabrics

Swishing Fabrics

Looser fabrics are quite luxurious to wear and perfect for runways, especially the swishing near the legs. Neutral hues and swishing fabrics go well together with tops featuring long sleeves and long hems. The looseness of some pantsuits appears in several catwalks too.

10. Sleeves of Fur

 Sleeves of Fur

It is a trend to have bear arms with intriguing furry sleeves featuring some great designs with the fall 2017 trend. You can check out caramel colors in furry off-white sleeves that are quite the rage. Nina Ricci is now making some coquette styles with fur while Dries Van Noten has elevated fur sleeves on suits and coats, bulking them up.

11. Leather Inclusive


Leather jackets, sleeves, pants, are all popular. They are either simple or complex but they are trendy for this fall season. Shearling lined leather jackets are now growing in popularity. Calvin Klein has made some embroidered leather jackets while some other brands have preferred the softer versions that are big on the runway.

12. Corduroy is Back

Corduroy is Back

Velvet and corduroy have made a comeback of sorts on the fashion market. They are a huge hit now just as they were in the 2000s, which preferred their fashion warm and cozy at the same time. They are now visible on coats, pants, and even on bra tops!

13. Everything Viny

Everything Viny

If you do not prefer fur or leather, nylons are certainly a good option for fashion in winters. They are now part of coats and pants adding glamor while being super convenient as well. The fear of wrinkles out with nylons and they come in lovely colors. Michael Kors, Celine, and Christian Dior are top brands working on this trend.

14. Superb Deconstructions

Superb Deconstructions

Many who do not understand abstract art in fashion do not know this trend. Mixed materials with several classics is now a new trend for fall 2017 that will still be a niche one for those obsessed with quirkiness and not those who clamour for uniformity. 

15. Puffer Jackets

Puffer Jackets

Puffer Jackets were huge 15 years back. They were a rage and also a top seller in some markets. Now many designer puffer jackets are making a comeback on the runway as an integral part of winter 2017 fashion trends.

Versace opts for blue and orange, Tod’s is working on black vinyl and leather, and Haider Ackermann is going all black with the collared look. 

Fashion trends change with time and some make a comeback too. With the winter setting in, pairing clothes fashionably is an art, and also a perfect way to assert one’s identity.