Many people would agree that a jumpsuit is one of the hardest outfits to perfect. A simple design with a solid colour can look dull and drab without accessories, but it can also look tacky when overdone. The goal is to look fashionable at any time of the day and on different occasions.

How exactly can you get it right?

  1. Consider the weather

If it's cold outside, you can get away with a leather jacket and scarf, and nothing else. What about a belt or a statement necklace? Only if you have the jacket on. A necklace under the scarf may not get the attention it deserves. Minimalism is the key. 

  1. Consider the structure
  2. Consider the where
    • Jumpsuits can have a structural focal point, such as exposed back, detailed print or dramatic sleeves. It is important that you don't draw attention away from these structure statements, but enhance them instead. If the outfit is particularly plain, that's when you can experiment with accessories. But don’t go crazy.

    • Accessorise a simple black jumpsuit with no focal point with an accented belt and simple necklace. This will add dimension to the outfit, drawing the eye to the waist and up to where the necklace hangs.
    • Pair a textured jumpsuit with a blazer and a pair of pumps. Keep the colour palette monochrome.
    • Pair wide-leg jumpsuits with a pair of heels, because wearing flats or sandals will make the bottom look sloppy.
    • If it has an exposed back, pull your hair up or to the side to showcase the suit’s structure focal point. Use a decorative clip or hair accessory.

  • Create contrast by pairing a jumpsuit with a style opposite it. Feminine pastel jumpsuits, for example, can be paired with chunky metallic jewellery or a leather jacket.

Like most outfits, you must choose accessories that are suitable and practical for the setting. If you wear a jumpsuit to work or to a business meeting, pair it with a blazer or structured jacket. If you're heading out to the beach, sunnies, large-brimmed hat and strappy sandals are your best options. Due to the versatility of a jumpsuit, you can practically wear it anywhere, even when running errands. Just make sure you remain fashionable with the right accessories.

  1. Play it safe

If you want to wear a jumpsuit, but don't want to deal with much of the dos and don'ts, get a solid black one instead. Since you don't have to worry about pattern and colour-matching, you only need to choose accessories based on the structure, the weather and where you want to go, all of which are practical and straightforward considerations.

What is even better is that black can be paired with other colours, if you decide not to go all black. But the best choice would be anything in gold, such as a black belt with a gold accent, a nude pair of heels with gold features, and gold jewellery. 

For jumpsuits that have dramatic sleeves or pants, and a few extras, such as a wide bow on the waist area, forego the accessories, and let the outfit shine through.